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Experience A Display Like No Other.


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At 3m Away


Bigger Display

Our mixed reality glasses just got an upgrade: a 10% larger display. Dive into more expansive landscapes and enjoy richer details. More screen, more wonder.

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Refresh Rates

Up to


Higher refresh rates

Higher refresh rates bring you ultra-smooth movies and gaming. Dive into flawless, lag-free entertainment in motion.

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Peak Brightness

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Our MicroOLED display shines brighter, yet is gentler on your eyes than most phones and monitors, earning it an SGS A+ rating.
A+ SGS Rating

Low Visual Fatigue

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Now, Everything Is Clear

No Blurry Edges.

Our larger display ensures zero blur from center to every edge for the majority of users. Enjoy seamless, sharp visuals across the whole screen.

Up to
5.00 D
Adjustment for Myopia

Myopia Adustments

On The Newest Sony Panel

Experience unparalleled clarity on the newest Sony panel, uniquely designed for myopia adjustment by VITURE. Tailored viewing, now in sharper focus.

Up to
99.50 %
Light Blocked

Next-Gen Tech: Electrochromic Film

No more ghosting or glare. Our electrochromic film seamlessly adapts, dimming to block almost 100% of light for unmatched clarity.


No more ghosting.


No more glare.


Absolute privacy, everywhere.

Instantly block 99.9% of outside light with our exclusive technology, ensuring complete and effortless privacy.
Fully immersed,

in every sound.

Experience unmatched sound with Harman's AudioEFX 3D. Deep, clear, and private listening with revolutionary reverse sound field tech.
Reversed sound field developed with

HARMAN to ensure sound privacy.

Viture - Harman
just snap.
On a Single
To Anything.
Playstation 5
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Joy-con
snap cable
Nintendo Switch

PS5 Nintendo switch iPhone etc.

Ultra portable. Ultra fun.

Total weight
To Anything.
Playstation 5
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Joy-con
snap cable
Nintendo Switch

PS5 Nintendo switch iPhone etc.

Ultra portable. Ultra fun.

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Best Hardware + Strongest Software = 

The Ultimate Experience!
Leveling up your gaming, streaming, and productivity.

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    Are the new Nintendo Switch Glasses the future?

    Is it the future of gaming? Yeah, I believe it is!

  • Cinemassacre


    Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - First Impressions

    The virtual screen is beautiful to look at and runs at 60fps, 1080p pixel-free, making the new Zelda game look better than ever.

Users Love It Too.

  • Amazing Glasses
    Daniel T.

    Huge step up from previous model. Love them, plan to use them every day. Great image, super clear and bright. Great support!

  • Better than the Rokid Max glasses
    James B.

    I get a nice, crisp display on every device that I've thrown at these so far and they haven't disappointed. Good brightness, great color contrast, and an excellent refresh rate. Why these beat out the Rokid Max glasses for me, is the various nose pads that come with the Pro XR. I have an extremely high nose bridge and the Rokid Max's kept cropping the bottom of the screen when I wore them with any of their nose pads. It was enough to sell them off and buy these beauties in their place. However, I do get a bit of blurriness at the bottom edge of the screen, and the top and bottom of the display is a slight bit darker because of the edge of the frames, but I don't really notice any of these little setbacks when I'm watching a movie or playing a game. Mostly when I'm looking at still images or my desktop. I, also, have a setup where I can watch 3D movies on the go in Samsung Dex mode on my phone, but, whenever I try to switch to 3D mode in Dex mode, the screen goes black and won't come back on until I unplug and plug the glasses back in and the display is back in non-3D mode. I wish that I could access all of my phone's apps through the Nebula app and do my 3D movie setup in there, but I can't and I don't really use the app that much because of this. 3D mode is awesome on the ROG Ally, though, and I like that the display switches over to 3840x1080 when I change to this mode and it automatically sets the proper refresh rate that I setup every time I switch to 3D too. A few quirks here and there earns this review only 4 stars, but it's been a pleasant experience using the Pro XR, thus far. At home or on the go.

  • A major upgrade!!!
    James J.

    These XR glasses are dope!! I have owned both the Viture and XREAL glasses and the Viture Pro glasses are just better. The biggest thing they get right out of the gate is FOV. This will make or break your experience IMO. Though I loved the XREAL Air 2 Pro's the FOV was off and it had blurry edges. This killed the immersion. The Viture Pro glasses have NO blurry edges at all, and this alone was enough for me. Not to mention the included case is better, with an area to store your cable. The Virtue Pro works perfectly on my AOKZOE A1 Pro and my Valve Steam Deck. So I'm definitely happy with my purchase.

  • VITURE Pro XR Glasses...AMAZING!
    Thomas M.

    I ordered, and received, my Viture XR Elite Glasses the end of May. Each day since I am excited and more impressed playing with them for various activities. Upcoming trips to Phoenix and New York and look forward to using them on those flights. Yep, I got mine!

  • The coolest gadget I ever owned!
    philip m.

    Amazing and fun gadget state of the art design, from the product quality and even the packaging, glass are comfortable and easy to adjust to your vision. A private movie theater, great visual and amazing sound. Thank you team VITURE for a great product and great customer service. Philip Maman

  • Very solid and interesting product
    Patryk S.

    Laying on the couch with a mouse and keyboard after a long day is 10/10. Shame that PC doesn't have as many XR features as the Iphone, but oh well. The gaming aspect and build quality make it a worthy product nonetheless. The tech support is also very caring, fast and makes sure to give all possible answers up front instead of going back and forth for days like some other companies do. Screen is clear, sharp and immersive. Also, the box, lol, one of the fanciest things I've ever seen.

  • Good product, I use it every day.
    Yevhenii H.

    Good product, I use it every day. But there is one caveat to the design: there is no possibility to change the angle of the glasses, which with a certain head shape can make use uncomfortable. Otherwise, a very good and premium product.

  • Amazing
    Omar O.

    Great quality, good looking glasses, lightweight and fun

  • Comfy and exceed my expectations
    Branden De La Haye - 5.

    I had been playing with the idea of getting some XR glasses for myself and settled on the Viture Ones after a long time, when they arrived they were in a beautifully present box with an amazingly high quality glasses case. The glasses feel premium and sit nicely in my wide head which is a surprise and the nose pads are comfy once you find the right fit for you. Watching movies or using the SpaceWalker app for internet browning has changed how I use my phone and digest my content and it’s all thanks to these glasses.

  • The best VR specs ever
    Shahrid Z.

    An ingenious invention. I can watch big screen movie, play switch and PS5 any time and anywhere I want. Now I can watch movies while on my bed.

  • Bestes Setup für unterwegs und zuhause
    Sven A.

    Einfach ins Steamdeck stecken und los geht’s.

  • A good step to immerse yourself  to the world of Apple’s Spatial Video.
    Jeffrey D.

    The Viture One XR glasses are not intended to compete directly with the **Apple Vision Pro**, but they offer some compelling features. Here's what you need to know: 1. Display and Sound - When connected to your device, the Viture One XR glasses provide an immersive experience simulating agiant 120-inch screen** with **Harman Kardon-tuned sound quality**. - They are lightweight and powered via **USB-C - The provided cable is of sufficient length and connects to the glasses magnetically. - Have corrective knobs for your eyesight 2. Video Playback - While the glasses cannot record videos, they can play Apple Spatial Video content when connected to an iPhone 15 through the **Spacewalker** iOS app. - Note that Spacewalker is not optimized for use on an IPAD. 3. Spacewalker App - The picture quality is exceptional, and the app supports head tracking for viewing different open apps, similar to the Vision Pro. - However, the available apps are somewhat limited. - Navigation is done using a pointer visible through the glasses, while your phone serves as a touchpad for clicking and text input. 4. Use with iPads - On iPads, the Viture One XR behaves as an **external monitor**. - Text remains legible up to a certain size. - Simply connect an external keyboard and mouse for a convenient alternative when desk space is limited or for travel when you can't bring an external monitor.

  • We live in the future!
    Maxim T.

    Amazing tech! I’ve used VR headsets in the past and while the immersion is great, I loved the pass through or mixed reality feature the most. Being present in the real world while having a screen on the side floating in space. But the downside is the weight, Apple Vision Pro is heavy, Quest 3 is not much lighter and in the end if you use it for mixed reality you can’t get away from the fact that you’re looking at the world through cameras. These glasses on the other hand have a “native pass-through” which is a funny term that means they’re sunglasses so you can see through them :) It’s a great experience for my use case, watching a movie or YouTube videos or reading some news articles in the morning. The sounds is great too!

  • Growing from a Gimmick to a tool
    Herbert S.

    Extremely valuable packaging, out of this world quality accessories and built quality that is just awesome. That's the One XR Glasses. Love the quality and their light weight (still the nose will suffer after a few hours :) ) Currently it's like having a huge screen in front of your nose. The 3D play teaser already showed what could come... so have to check for more content and get 3D going.

  • A Must Own
    Shireen T.

    Just unbelievable piece of kit, I can't fault it. I use these on my Lenovo Legion Go to play Helldivers 2 and for standard work Word Documents Emails etc. Also I have a Samsung Z Fold 4, so use it on there with Samsung Dex, very good for watching Netflix and Anime, while the Family cloggs up the TV. Easy Plug and Play, no issues or errors, sound quality is great. See my video review.

  • Awesome with the Steam Deck
    Christopher M.

    The the display quality of the VITURE One XR Glasses are great, and they are more comfortable to wear than I expected. Great for long gaming sessions in bed.

  • LEGIT!
    Ryan K.

    These things are awesome and get better the more you use them. I just took my first flight with them, and it was a game changer!

  • Amazing
    Simba B.

    Works way better than I thought! Love them so much I just ordered the prescription inserts so they are easier to use more often!

  • Amazing device!
    Wojciech B.

    Display quality is very good even in bright room. I like the fact that they have built-in adjustable eye correction and that they look like glasses not a VR headset. They are also more lightweight and heat less than I thought they will. I am very satisfied with them. Too bad that other features than just displaying the device's screen are available only with Neckband.

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